"The brilliance of our soul only shines when we crush the darkness of our ego through the heel of eternal love, patience, compassion and service."                                          Urvashi, 2012

Welcome to Sophrosyne Healing 

Welcome to Sophrosyne Healing in Bushey. Sophrosyne, in Greek, is defined as a state of balance where an individual's mind, body and soul are in complete harmony with each other allowing him or her to engage fully with life, and what it may present (En.wikipedia.org, 2016). By using this concept as its foundation, the founder of Sophrosyne healing wishes to share her unique approach to healing, and reaching the balance within. The approach combines psycho-spiritual counselling and psychotherapy with energy work, shamanic principles, meditation and mindfulness.


Sophrosyne healing hopes to enable each individual to unravel their own unique path to personal understanding, connecting with the inner-self and delineating as to what matters to them. It wishes to provide a space where individuals may endeavour at reflecting and evaluating their personal strengths and weaknesses, thereby facilitating interaction with the world in a more meaningful way, and connecting with others and themselves more authentically. 

Practice hours

Saturday12:00 - 17:00
Monday - Friday09:30 - 17:30
19:00 - 21:00
To book an appointment, please call on +44 7789512381.